Our Words Tell More About Us Than Our Words Tell About Others

Unprompted words display a man’s heart more clearly than any of its other random manifestations.

I sat down next to a man I did not recognize at a communal-type table in a small diner. We were the only patrons in the business. We exchanged introductions. I recognized his name as being that of the father of a couple of sisters that attended the same school I did over 40 years ago. The girls were several years younger than me, so I did not personally know them; I knew their names and faces.

I asked the man if he was indeed the girls’ dad. He assured me that he was. I then asked him how they were doing, and where their lives had taken them.  He proudly told me about the girls’ accomplishments, and included the accomplishments of a third sister I did not know existed. All the girls had moved to urban areas and had done well professionally.

We sat silently for a few moments.

Then out of the blue the man said, “The first two girls carry quite a bit more flesh now than they should. The third one has kept herself in pretty good shape, but the older two have let themselves go.”

I nervously laughed, thinking about the 30-plus extra pounds I now carry. But I also took my first good look at him. Although he showed the signs of age, he remained slender and wiry, not having that paunch that so many of advanced age develop.

His words and his physique betrayed at least a portion of his treasures. Looks and body conditioning play a major role in the man’s life.

I also took a good look at myself. What had my words manifested about me?

When we think about our verbal interaction with others, we need to ponder what our words tell others about us, especially strangers? When we feel a need to begin or extend a conversation, what subject does our heart prompt us to broach?

Do we initiate conversations about money and the economy? Do we talk of the world news? Do we try to discuss our opinions concerning the current state of our nation? Do we talk about others? If we speak about another person, especially a loved one, what do our words say about our respect for that person?

Jesus said, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34 ESV), and “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart.” (Matthew 15:18 ESV).

Want to display your heart?

Just start talking. Your priorities will soon be evident.

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